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Uttarakhand, also known as Dev Bhoomi (Land of Gods), has evolved its own distinct identity since it was split free from Uttar Pradesh in 2000, with the region’s own different languages, history, cultures, and river valleys home to various micro-civilisations coming together to produce a state that is not just special geographically, but also unique in its heritage and spirituality. Uttarakhand, which is to the northeast of Delhi and is bordered by Tibet and Nepal, is made up of the Kumaon and Garhwal areas, which rise from the sub-Himalayan plains. Uttarakhand’s snow peaks are among the most spectacular in the eastern Himalayas, forming a spine that ends in Nanda Devi, the country’s second-highest peak at 25,643 feet. The spectacular landscape of the Himalayan state’s stunning environment is marked by turquoise lakes, foamy rivers, and glaciers that are the source of origin for some of Hinduism’s holiest rivers, including the Ganga, Yamuna, Mandakini, and Alakananda, and snowy peaks, some of which serve as the backdrop for its most desired pilgrimages. The high-altitude drives and walks lead to some stunning pilgrimages that serve as the settings for Hindu epics.

The site of Shiva and Parvati’s wedding, as well as a colonial legacy and the tale of the famed conservationist Jim Corbett, lives on in the famous tiger park that carries his name. Then came the Beatles’ visit to Rishikesh, which transformed the city into a spiritual hotspot.


Uttarakhand Tour Packages: The Best Places To Visit


  1. Mussoorie: Mussoorie is an enchanting hill station in the Dehradun District of Uttarakhand, located at the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range. It is an essential stop on your Uttarakhand tour. This town is renowned as “The Queen of the Hills” because it is surrounded by the snowy Himalayan mountains, the famous Doon Valley, and the gorgeous Shiwalik Ranges. It is located at an elevation of 2,005 metres.The highest point in Mussoorie, Lal Tibba, offers a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the surrounding natural surroundings. The famous Japanese telescope, which was installed here in 1967, may also be used to see the cities of Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Bandarpunch. From March to June is the best time to visit.
  2. Nainital: Located in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon area, Nainital is a magnificent highland station. Nainital, at an elevation of 2,084 metres, is a dream destination that should be included in your Uttarakhand trip packages. This wonderful resort town is home to a number of stunning natural features, including the famed Naini Lake, where you can go boating and picnic on the banks. The Naina Devi Temple, the Mall on Govind Ballabh Pant Marg, and various stylish hotels and restaurants are also popular attractions. Rappelling, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, and trekking are just a few of the leisure activities available. From March to June is the best time to visit.
  3. Jim Corbett: In Uttarakhand, the famed Jim Corbett National Park is located in the Dhikala zone of the Ramganga Reservoir. This is one of the most thrilling inclusions in your Uttarakhand tour packages when travelling around the state. Jim Corbett, India’s oldest national park, is home to elephants, tigers, deer, and other huge species. This national park, located in the Himalayan foothills, is open all year, except during the monsoon season. A jeep safari will allow you to get up close and personal with the wild animals that graze freely here. Another area to cool down throughout the summer is Lansdowne, a nearby cantonment town.
  4. Rishikesh: Visiting the holy city of Rishikesh as part of your Uttarakhand tour packages is one of the greatest ways to learn about India’s rich and diverse history. For Hindus, it is one of the most important cities for pilgrimage. Rishikesh is known not only for its many temples and sacred places, but also for its ashrams and health camps that teach visitors the purest forms of yoga, Ayurveda, and other holistic living techniques. You can also enjoy the great natural beauty of Rishikesh, with its rushing rivers, majestic mountains, and gorgeous expanses of green jungles, in addition to this uplifting lifestyle. The two activities you must attempt here are river rafting and bungee jumping. February through mid-May is the best time to visit.
  5. Kedarnath: Visiting the holy city of Kedarnath as part of your Uttarakhand vacation packages is a must. Kedarnath is one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage places, located in the Rudraprayag District. Thousands of worshippers, sages, and tourists flock to Lord Shiva’s famed shrine beside the Mandakini River in the Garhwal Himalayan Range. The magnificent attractiveness of this place is enhanced by the rough grandeur of the snow-capped mountain ranges. Apart from its spiritual and religious significance, Kedarnath is also known for its breathtaking natural beauty, which can be seen in the lush green alpines and vibrantly coloured rhododendrons. Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath is an important feature of Uttarakhand sightseeing in every Uttarakhand tour package. From April to November is the best time to visit.
  6. Dehradun: Visiting Dehradun, Uttarakhand’s picturesque capital city, is a must-do on every Uttarakhand vacation. Dehradun is set between the River Song in the east and the River Yamuna in the west, in the quaint and gorgeous Doon Valley at the foothills of the Himalayas. This city is most known for the Indian Military Academy and the famed Doon School, both of which have built themselves as educational leaders. Dehradun is always a terrific spot to take a brief break from the routine of daily life because of its cool and pleasant weather and natural splendour. It’s also a favourite romantic getaway for couples on their honeymoon. From March to June is the best time to visit.
  7. Haridwar: Haridwar is the epicentre of Hinduism and old Indian culture. Haridwar is included in all comprehensive Uttarakhand trip packages. This town, located in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar District, is one of the most prominent pilgrimage destinations, drawing thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Har Ki Pauri and the magnificent Ganga Aarti are well-known in this locality. The nightly “aarti” session, during which priests worship the sacred River Ganga with tremendous pomp, is also a sight to behold. This, combined with the nearby snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, temples, and bridges, provides a beautiful environment.
  8. Ranikhet: Jhula Devi Temple and Chaubatia Orchards are two attractions worth visiting. Both Haidakhan Temple and Chaubatia Gardens are nearby attractions. Duration: 24 hours; Distance: 244 kilometresTaxis and buses are available modes of transportation. All you need to capture on your cameras are Ranikhet’s gorgeous green trees and valleys. This peaceful and tranquil hill station offers a range of spectacular views.
  9. Auli : Auli is a scenic hill station in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli District in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is one of the most attractive locations included in your Uttarakhand tour packages, where you can participate in a variety of interesting activities while taking in the breathtaking natural scenery. Auli is known for its picturesque ski resorts, ski events, and ski slopes located amidst the snow-capped Himalayan mountains and coniferous forests of pine and oak trees, making it one of India’s most popular tourist attractions. Due to the availability of various gorgeous natural routes worth exploring, Auli is also suitable for trekkers and hikers. December through February is the best time to visit.

Uttarakhand’s Best Time to Visit

Despite the fact that Uttarakhand welcomes visitors all year, the best time to visit is during the summer months. When the heat of India’s teeming cities becomes unbearable, the snow-capped mountains of Uttarakhand can provide welcome refuge. The scenic surroundings during the winter season are the finest to stroll around for those who enjoy a cool atmosphere and want to experience snowfall. However, it is best to avoid visiting during the monsoon season, as severe rains can cause landslides, barricades, and transportation delays. Now, let’s have a look at the facts below to see when the greatest time is to visit Uttarakhand’s captivating surroundings.

Summer Season: (March – June)

With the end of the frigid winter season, the months of March through June are supposed to entice you to seek refuge in the middle of snow-capped mountains. The surroundings appear to be joyful throughout the summers, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius, and the weather is pretty good for touring, trekking, and other outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a thrill, you can explore the incredible animals and participate in water sports like river rafting, motorcycling, and more.

Monsoon Season (July – September)

The months of July to September bring considerable rainfall to Uttarakhand, with temperatures ranging between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. As landslides become more likely, transportation becomes more important. It is not recommended to visit here during the rainy season due to the risk of landslides, transportation delays, and roadblocks. However, if you are a nature lover who enjoys the sight of lush foliage and blooming flowers, now is a good time to get out into the fresh air.

Winter season (October – February)

Uttarakhand enjoys the winter season from October to February. The weather is quite chilly when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius. However, if you want to see the intriguing beauty of snow-covered mountains, don’t let the cold put you off planning your next trip to Uttarakhand.


Rafting in Rishikesh: While on vacation in this sacred city, the River Ganga in Rishikesh is ideal for a spectacular rafting adventure. Shivpuri, near Ram Jhula, offers some of the best rafting opportunities. The full route takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete.

Lansdowne Camping: Uttarakhand is one of India’s top spots for overnight camping adventures. While on your Uttarakhand vacation packages, you can go on a two-day, one-night camping excursion in a tent beneath the stars.

Boating on the Naini Lake: Taking a boat ride on the tranquil waters of the Naini Lake can be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Naini Lake boating adventures can be found surrounded by misty mountain ranges and nestled among beautiful green conifers.

Jim Corbett Wildlife Safari: Take your family and loved ones on an educational tour of the famed Jim Corbett National Park. You have the option of taking a Jeep Safari with a maximum capacity of 6 passengers and 2 children, or a Canter Safari with 16 passenger seats.

Pray at the Badrinath Temple: The Badrinath Temple is one of India’s holiest pilgrimage sites. Thousands of worshippers visit Lord Vishnu’s hallowed shrine, which was established in the 7th century C.E., throughout the year.

Witness Ganga Aarti in Haridwar: Visiting the sacred Ganges and watching the Brahmins perform “aarti” and offer their prayers to River Ganga is a wonderful experience. Haridwar is the capital of the state of Uttarakhand.

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh: At the famed Mohan Chatti in Rishikesh, experience a dangerous free-fall within the thick evergreen slopes of the Shiwaliks. Bungee jumping is a thrilling adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime event for adrenaline junkies.

Valley of Flowers Trek: The Valley of Flowers National Park is located in Uttarakhand’s North Chamoli district, near Haridwar. With wide swaths of undulating scenery covered with gorgeous native alpine flowers, this place is a small bit of heaven.

Skiing in Auli: If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Auli is the place to be. This place is ideal for anyone who enjoys adventure and snow as a holiday location. Ski through pristine snowy slopes surrounded by lush pine and oak forests for an out-of-this-world experience.

Uttarakhand’s Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Askot Musk Deer Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife refuge for deer.
  • The Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Wildlife Sanctuary of Binsar
  • Wildlife Sanctuary Govind Pashu Vihar
  • Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mussoorie Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Uttarakhand National Parks

  • National Park of Jim Corbett
  • National Park of Gangotri
  • National Park Govind
  • National Park of Nanda Devi
  • National Park Rajaji
  • National Park Valley of Flowers
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