Morocco is both a gateway to Africa and a land of incredible diversity. Epic mountain ranges, historic towns, wide deserts — and warm hospitality – may all be found here. Morocco’s rich historical history is mirrored in the country’s contemporary culture. Morocco’s cuisines, languages, art, and landmarks are a mixture of the numerous races, faiths, and nations that have left their imprint on the country’s culture. Morocco has long been a popular destination for international artists due to its rich cultural heritage; nevertheless, the country also has a booming artistic industry of its own, with award-winning literature, cinema, and popular music. Film, music, and art festivals highlighting Morocco’s cultural richness are held around the nation, including in Marrakesh, Essaouira, Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Tangier, and Dakhla, among others. Moroccan cuisine is a fusion of Berber, Andalusian, Arab, and Mediterranean cooking traditions. Nonetheless, the most well-known cuisine, like couscous, tagine, and harira, is Berber.